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Watercolour Workshop

28th June, 26th July, 30th August, 27th September, 25th October, 29th November, 29th December

Come and paint at Leeds Castle with expert guidance and techniques in watercolour painting. In a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, learn new skills and unlock your creative potential at an exceptional art class experience.

28th June - 'Creating Life'
Learn how to make your painting just 'come alive' with figures. The technique is so simple yet so effective. If you think you can't paint figures then think again, our artist will show you how.

26th July - 'Wonderful Wildlife at Leeds Castle'
Enjoy a day in fabulous natural surroundings and be shown step by step how to paint some of the beautiful birds that Leeds Castle is famous for.

30th August - 'Views and Vistas in Time'
There are endless wonderful views at each turn around the grounds and gardens. Learn how to capture the depth and atmosphere of a moment in time with the stroke of a brush and a subtle shadow.

27th September - 'Fantastic Flowers'
Be inspired by Leeds Castle's Festival of Flowers and paint beautiful flowers reminiscent of the spectacular event.

29th November - 'Reflections'
The mists and reflections on the moat and the Great water in November are stunning. Reflections add a magical effect to a painting giving it liquidity and movement.

25th October - 'Glorious Grounds'
The grounds and gardens at Leeds Castle become dazzling in their Autumn colour. Learn how to get that glory down on paper with rich bronzed tones.

29th December - 'Celebrating Snow and Ice'
A fabulous gift for a loved one at Christmas! After the festivities add some extra sparkle to winter by learning how to create a wonderful snowy scene.

All workshops are from 10am to 3pm
£50 per person. Includes refreshments and entry to Leeds Castle.

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